"Site" refers to the online store's website hosted at the following address:, open to any user of the Internet and edited by SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA.

"Product" means any product whatsoever (care provision, stay ...), subject to the Customer's order, offered for sale on the Site in accordance with these Conditions of Sale.

"Order" means the purchase of (the) Product (s) performed by the Client on the Site in accordance with these Conditions of Sale.

"Store" means the Online Store on which a customer can order a product. The Client is free to create or not a customer account to order.

"My Account" means the section of the shop, accessible only if the customer chose to create an account. After logging, the Customer can manage their personal information, their orders, subscriptions. If the customer has placed an order without creating a customer account, this information must be given back to each new order.

Article 1 - Society

SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA is a simplified joint stock company with registered office in Linguizzetta, Route de Riva Bella, 20270 ALERIA, registered with the Trade and Bastia Companies under Siret number 434 930 053 00013, Code APE 5510Z , VAT 06434930053 GB.

Publishing Director: Marie-Claire Gaddoni, President of SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA

Customer service number: 04 95 38 81 10

For questions, information or advice, please contact our Customer Service:



Bella Riva Road

20270 Aleria

04 95 38 81 10

Host: Astropof Inc., 18 Lachalade path, Lorraine, Qc, J6Z 1W4 Canada - Tel. +1 800 988 48 42 -

Article 2 - Scope

These Terms and Conditions apply, without limitation or qualification, to all sales concluded between SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA and client.

Our sales are subject to these conditions that the parties law, they prevail over any general or specific stipulations of not expressly approved in writing by our company buyer.

The mere fact of placing an order implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

These Conditions of Sale are accessible at any time on this website and prevail, if any, over any other version or any other contradictory document.

The products presented on this website are offered for sale only in the European territories.

Article 3 - Sale and care packs Thalasso stays

3.1- Command

The customer selects the products on the site they wish to order. After final validation of his basket, he can make the payment online through PayPal; it can also pay by bank transfer or check. The order is deemed accepted by the seller only after confirmation of payment. The contract is concluded only after confirmation of your order via email from the seller.

SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA said its sales are exclusively reserved for adult private individuals buying for their personal needs and having a physical address of residence.

The buyer is committed to have full legal capacity to engage under these terms. The buyer will be major. Not having reached the age of 18 years, the buyer can not use the services of this website. SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA not be held responsible for the use of the site by a minor.

3.2- Rates

The applicable rates are those in effect on the date of placing the order. An invoice is issued by the seller and given to the customer by email as soon as full payment of the order. Our prices include VAT.

3.3- Payment

The price is payable in full, the day the order is placed by the customer, as detailed in section "Order" above.

Payments made by the customer will be considered final only after receipt of the actual total amount due.

Payment by credit card

Payment by credit card is via the secure solution Atos SIPS.

Payment security is based on authentication of the buyer and the confidentiality of data. To ensure this security, Atos SIPS uses proven techniques of cryptography and respects the various banking regulations applicable in France. As part of securing the payment, you may be asked to the client additional information related to the 3D Secure service. All data entered by the Customer during his payment by credit card is immediately encrypted using SSL and stored on the server Atos SIPS. No payment data about the user will be stored on the website avoiding any possibility of fraud by hacking the site of Riva Bella Thalasso.

When paying by credit card, the buyer has the opportunity to spread its regulation 1, 2, 3 or 4 times for free. To qualify for this option, the customer must have a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) with a validity period covering the period of debt of at least 4 months). 1 rate will be made to order then the 2, 3 or 4 remaining installments are payable the following month anniversary. A credit commitment and you be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit

The customer can make the Thalasso treatments purchased from the first deadline levied on his bank account.

In case one or deadlines are not paid on the anniversary date, SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA  reserves the right to block the account and continue the dishonest customer until complete restitution of the debt plus costs for non -payment.

Payment by Paypal

The credit card payments are secured by PayPal Integral Evolution solution complies with French and international interbank regulations. This solution enables the buyer to make purchases of products safely. Bank details of the buyer paying by credit card fail to SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA, as they are managed, encrypted and secure through PayPal. Through this system, if you already have a PayPal account, you can use it to pay for purchases, or we can choose to open an account (optional) or pay with credit card by exploiting the secure PayPal system.

Pay via bank transfer

SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA accepts payment by bank transfer. Our bank details will be provided when selecting this method of payment at the end of your order. Your order will be valid upon receipt of your payment. Without receipt of your payment 15 days after the passage of your order will be canceled.

Payment by check

SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA accept payment by check. The selection of this mode of payment is at the end of your order. The check, made out to SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA is a ship at the following address: SAS Domaine de Riva Bella, Bella Riva Road, 20270 Aleria,

Your order will be valid upon receipt of your check. Without receiving your check 15 days after the passage of your order will be canceled.

3.4 - Right of withdrawal

The customer has a period of 14 days from the date of validation of his order to exercise his right of withdrawal.

3.5 - Cancellation

For any cancellation within 24 hours or an appointment you recommended, the benefit is due in full.

We ask you to strictly observe the care hours indicated on your schedule. In case of no show or late cancellation resulting from treatment, he will not be refunded or replaced.

3.6 - Operating Regulations

All services must be booked in advance. Once the order is confirmed, it is necessary to make an appointment by calling 0033 (0) 4 95 36 38 38. It is at this point that will be discussed possible against-indications related services booked.

In case of no show, the benefit is lost.

Article 4 - Accommodation Rental

These terms and conditions govern operation of law all sales made on the stays site. They are an integral part of any agreement between the SAS Domaine de Riva Bella and customers. Each client acknowledges having read these general conditions before booking a stay -even for him and anyone participating in the stay. Pursuant to the provisions of Article L113-3 of the Consumer Code and the provisions of the Tourism Code, these general conditions are made available to any customer for information prior to the conclusion of any sales contract stays. They can also be obtained upon written request to the office of the company Domaine de Riva Bella.

4.1 - Booking Conditions

Your option is valid for eight days during which you must send us this document as well as the deposit. Without confirmation within eight days of your phone call, the option is canceled without any stimulus from us.

Price and payment of the stay
The price of stay is indicated in euros, including VAT. The eco-tax is not included in the quoted price. For reservations Location & Camping: the balance of the stay must be paid no later than one month before the first day of rental. In the absence of payment of the balance within this time, your reservation will be canceled.

An early departure or late arrival shall not give rise to any reimbursement, all of the camping trip as remaining due hosting.

All reservations not ended in accordance with the terms of sale will be canceled. In any case of cancellation will be retained or you will have to adjust: the application fee and an amount equal to 25% of the full cost of the stay if you cancel more than 16 days before the date of arrival the total amount of your stay if you cancel less than 16 days before the scheduled date of arrival or if you do not show up on that date. If canceled incumbent upon the management company of the Centre, except in cases of force majeure, the client will be refunded all monies paid.

The legal provisions on the right of withdrawal for distance sales under the Consumer Code does not apply to tourist services (Article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code). Thus, for any order from a stay at the Domaine de Riva Bella, the client enjoys no right of withdrawal.

Cancellation Insurance
We recommend you take out cancellation insurance by sending us an amount equal to 1% of the total of your stay (excluding eco-contribution and fees) with a minimum of 9 euros. This contract offers a cancellation guarantee that allows you to obtain a refund of your deposit in case of cancellation of your stay or early departure under certain conditions (illness, accident ...). The implementation of the cancellation insurance will meet the following formalism: confirmation in writing and the necessary proof in support, subject to compliance with contractual obligations. In all cases, the booking fee is not refundable.

4.2 - Tour Programme

Arrivals & Departures
You can perform the procedures and access to land on the morning of arrival day. Camping, check-in is from 10:00; rental, from 16:00. Camping and rentals, departures are before 10:00 whatever day of the week. But on arrival (before installation) and departure (after releasing your location or accommodation), you can, if you like, stay on the site and enjoy the services, the beach, blocks and sanitary ...

A deposit of € 150 per apartment will be required on the day of arrival. It will be refunded the day of your departure, during the opening hours of the box, after an inventory. The final cleaning is charged € 40 per apartment (thank you for doing the dishes and emptied the trash). Billing of any damage will be added to the price of the stay. If you can be present during the inventory, the deposit will be returned by mail.

All key return or release location after 10am will be invoiced an extra night. Any extension of stay must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure date.

Dogs are allowed inside the Domaine de Riva Bella but must be leashed and their droppings must be picked up.

Rules of Procedure
As required by law, you must adhere to our rules of procedure, submitted to the prefecture, displayed at our reception and a copy will be provided upon request.

4.3 - Responsibility

The Domaine de Riva Bella accept liability for damage to the equipment of the camper-caravan that would be of his own making; insurance for your liability related equipment is compulsory (FFCC, ANWB, ADAC ..).

Article 5 - Informatique et Libertés

Pursuant to Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, it is reminded that personal data requested from the customer is necessary to process the order and are intended for internal use by the seller.

Article 6 - Disputes

All disputes to which this contract could give rise concerning its validity, interpretation, performance, termination, their consequences and their consequences will be submitted to the competent courts in common law conditions.

Article 7 - Language of the contract - Applicable law

By express agreement between the parties, this agreement is governed and subject to French law.

Article 8 - Buyer's Acceptance

The fact that a natural or legal person to order on the website of SAS DOMAINE DE RIVA BELLA implies acceptance and full acceptance of these Conditions of Sale, as expressly recognized by the customer waives in particular to avail any contradictory document, which would be unenforceable to the seller.

Article 9 - Period of validity

Services ordered are valid for one year from the date of confirmation of the order.

Article 10 - Following instructions

Thank you to respect the safety instructions, hygiene and etiquette under penalty of exclusion Centre.

Article 11 - Liability

The treatments on offer or the products sold on the site are described and presented with the greatest accuracy. If, despite all precautions, errors were produced, Riva Bella could not in any case be engaged on this fact. Except in cases of warranty, all operations between Riva Bella and its clients, not contested within 6 months can not give rise to a claim.

Article 12 - Naturism

From mid-May to late September, the holiday resort and its beach are nudist but nudity is not compulsory to Thalasso. If you do not practice naturism and want to stay in Riva Bella at that time, it is of course possible: a part of the beach is reserved for "Textiles" at 300 m from the Thalasso.

Article 13 - Mediation

In the context of a dispute with our establishment, you have the possibility to contact us as follows :
• Sending a letter by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the village manager
• Send a copy of this mail to customer service at :
If the answer does not satisfy you, you can enter the Medicys Mediation Center after one month following the sending of these mails / mails. You must file a file by mail : Medicys - 73 Boulevard de Clichy - 75009 PARIS.