Solar power

Solar collectors

Because solar power is clean, cost-effective, sustainable and renewable, it contributes to a sustainable ecotourism approach in Corsica. Riva Bella is equipped with Sunset Solar collectors.

The first panels were installed on the "Beach" and "Maquis" washrooms (12 and 15 panels respectively). These panels provide us with more than 6,200 litres of hot water supply.

We are progressively fitting all bungalows with solar kits.

This equipment will help us substantially reduce our gas consumption (polluting fossil fuels) and therefore produce less pollution while generating real savings.

However, to guarantee hot water availability in the washrooms, a gas boiler will compensate for any periods of low sunlight or water consumption exceeding the capacities of the solar collectors.

Our aim is to progressively fulfil all of the site's energy needs by solar equipment.

Whether hot or cold, water is a rare and precious resource. Please do not waste it…