Riva Bella Seawater Spa

Riva Bella Thalass & Spa Corsica

The seawater spa with Corsican essential oils...

Riva Bella's Thalassotherapy Centre in Corsica is located in the south of France on the waterfront. Mediterranean seawater is used for treatments.

The open sea and presence of the Terrenzana saltwater lagoon give the sea at Riva Bella's naturist Spa its exceptional concentration of negative ions, as well as its wealth of iodine, trace elements and zooplankton, renowned since the Antique period for their therapeutic virtues.

At Riva Bella's Seawater Spa, the sea is naturally beneficial!

The island's natural configuration has given rise to a warm, sunny, marine microclimate which helps your body to relax and improves well-being. This rich and pure atmosphere, charged with trace elements and mineral salts, provides numerous beneficial effects: improved respiration, enhanced metabolism, 10% increase in red blood cells, calcium and phosphorus binding, improved muscle and cardiac muscle tone, better elimination of toxins. The mind and body relax through a general increase in cell oxygenation.

Combined with Corsican essential oils, Riva Bella's Naturist thalassotherapies are a real concentrate of nature and life! Corsican essential oils and cosmetics extracted from wild, endemic, sun-kissed plants for 100% natural and 100% Corsican products!

Your seawater spa on the beach between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia

With a surface area of 500 m² dedicated to caring for the body and mind, Riva Bella's Seawater Spa is located right on the beach, halfway between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia, facing the sea. The Mediterranean seawater is collected offshore, filtered and heated before use in the spa and for the increased comfort of spa users.

All of the sea's virtues in clear and pure water to purify and restore your body's balance for revitalisation in harmony with nature and yourself!