Thalasso Lexicon

• Seawater fitness Circuit

In an idyllic setting, enjoy our heated (at 32°) seawater pool. You will swim and wander through 9 different aquatic massages providing relaxation and fitness... For a wonderful sensation of well-being, a perfect finish in the open air Jacuzzi (included in the care)!

• Oriental Scrub

Always carried out inside the Hammam (just like other scrubs and body wraps), this scrub is performed by our staff using a Kessa glove. It eliminates toxins and dead cells, activates blood circulation and refines the texture of the skin.

• Salinea Cavitosonic

This unique treatment cleans the respiratory tract, nourishes the skin and revitalizes the organism by combining the effects of the essential oil of eucalyptus and the famous salt of Ems diffused in a mist under Wood (blue) lights. An excellent relaxing treatment providing a wonderful sense of physical and psychic well-being.