Geothermal energy at Riva Bella Thalasso

In order to develop ecotourism in Corsica and with the aim of better exploiting local resources, Riva Bella Thalasso uses geothermal energy. Riva Bella is equipped with two Waterkotte geothermal heat pumps, powered by pipes located in the lagoon near the boiler room.

These pumps are used to heat the water used in
• the washrooms located below the Seawater Spa
• the Bar-Restaurant
• the underfloor heating, swimming pool, whirlpool baths and washrooms of the Seawater Spa.

It is also used to operate the air-handling unit (A.H.U.) of the Seawater Spa, which provides ventilation, dehumidification, air conditioning and heating.

Geothermal energy and sustainable tourism in Corsica

Through these efforts, Riva Bella is firmly committed to a sustainable tourism and sustainable development approach in Corsica, a general notion based on three main pillars: the environment, social issues and the economy.

Development considered as "sustainable" must simultaneously take into account these three pillars and be ecologically viable, socially fair and economically efficient.

This new geothermal equipment meets these three criteria. Indeed:

• From an ecological viewpoint, we use an energy form that is greener than that produced by propane gas on which our former boiler used to operate: lower CO2 emissions, lower impact on the environment; furthermore, this helps fight against Legionella in hot water production and distribution systems.

• From a social viewpoint, this also improves the safety of our maintenance staff.

• Economically, this helps us reduce the exploitation and operating costs of our structures: nearly 75 % savings since commissioning of the pumps.

So now you know what those funny sticks popping their heads out of the lagoon are…