Local Corsican products

Riva Bella Thalasso prioritises local Corsican products

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism encourage the use of local French and Corsican products to develop and promote the local economy. Riva Bella Thalasso contributes to promoting products made locally by working closely with local producers. The cosmetics and essential oils used at the Seawater Spa are 100% Corsican; the Restaurant uses ingredients produced locally and the grocer's offers a wide range of local specialities.

The eastern plain of Corsica is home to many delicious local specialities

The eastern plane of Corsica, on which lies Riva Bella Thalasso, is the breadbasket of Corsica. A vast and fertile plain boasting a warm climate, resulting in the development of many different species of Mediterranean plants.

Its vineyards span 4,500 hectares, i.e. two thirds of the land area in Corsica occupied by Vineyards, and produce a renowned wine sold under the Protected Designation of Origin (AOC) label "Vins de Corse". Olive trees, farmed since the beginning of time in Corsica, produce a smooth, flavoursome oil. Corsican clementines ("Clémentine de Corse"), with their wild, acidulous taste, are the only clementine produced in France and benefit from a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), as does the Cervione Hazelnut ("Noisette de Cervione" or "Nuciola"), appreciated since time immemorial for its flavour and natural mildly salty taste.

Farmed meadows and orchards lie around Riva Bella Thalasso. Small producers and organic market gardeners offer fresh, high quality produce throughout the year: fruit, vegetables, seasonings, wild herbs, saffron and spices... Local products are also used to manufacture Corsican liqueurs, eau de vie and whiskey, jams, mustards and Corsican biscuits. Delicious farm produce is even used to inspire Corsican gastronomy!

The eastern plane also boasts meandering rivers that wind their way to the sea and create saltwater lagoons home to numerous species of shellfish (the exceptional water quality is all that is needed for these species to thrive): oysters and mussels in the Diana lagoon, appreciated since the dawn of time for their delicate, fragrant flesh.

Finally, the eastern plain forms the foothills of the mountains. Chestnut flour from the Castagniccia region, sparkling water from Orezza, amber-coloured honey with its AOC label (Protected Designation of Origin) and livestock farms producing traditional Corsican cheese and cured meats.

Come and discover a region full of character, rich in wild flora used to produce unique essential oils and a patchwork of flavours for colourful meals during your holiday in Corsica!

French recognition of the high quality of Corsican products

Corsica and its regional produce are renowned. Corsica benefits from the highest number of quality designations in France.

Protected Designations of Origin (AOC): wines, "brocciu" (cheese), olive oil, honey, chestnut flour, "Prisuttu" (Corsican dried ham), "Coppa di Corsica" and "Lonzu" (Corsican cured pork cuts). Clementines and hazelnuts benefit from Protected Geographical Indications (PGI), in addition to the wines made on the "Island of Beauty".

Other acknowledgement procedures are underway: AOC (French Protected Designation of Origin label) for Corsican cheese varieties, PGI (European label) for lamb, kid meat and pomelos, Label Rouge (quality label) for cured meats and Corsican clementines, etc.