Corsican essential oils

Corsican nature, a unique concentrate of aromatic, wild plants

Corsican essential oils, toning benefits for your body

As a Mediterranean land isolated by the seas, Corsica has developed rich and specific flora, adapted to its soil, landscape and Mediterranean climate. These sun-kissed species show great vitality and their active ingredients are sought after all over the world.Used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, Corsican essential oils are produced from endemic species or species growing wild in Corsica: everlasting (murza), myrtle (morta), rosemary (rosumarinu), Corsican pine (lariciu), dwarf juniper (astratella), pistacia (listincu), fennel (finochju), mint (mintrastella), samphire (baschichja)...

Other species that have long since acclimatised to Corsica are used to extract original and fragrant Corsican essential oils: eucalyptus, lemon tree, bitter orange, clementine tree...

Corsican essential oils, toning benefits for your body

Riva Bella's Seawater Spa provides you with the very best of nature through unique Spa treatments and massages using Corsican essential oils.

Massaging whirlpool bath infused with Corsican essential oils, combining the benefits of the sea with the therapeutic virtues of wild plants, Salinea Cavitosonic, anti-stress aromatherapy with seawater and Corsican essential oils, stimulating your body's airways and immune system, traditional hammam infused with the aromas of the maquis, face and body treatments with Corsican essential oils, moisturising treatments, therapies to restore your body's balance, anti-wrinkle facials, anti-ageing skin treatments, radiance skincare... relaxation, energising massages, etc. Each Corsican essential oil has a use in thalassotherapy for your body's well-being and harmony!

Riva Bella's Seawater Spa designs its therapies with REALIA COSMETIC and SOLYVIA products, manufactured on the eastern plain from 100% natural and 100% Corsican essential oils, real concentrates of nature and life.