Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the most southern region of mainland France. Located in Europe, it lies opposite the French Riviera and Italy, from which it is not very far. 83 km separate Corsica from Italy, 170 km from France and 450 km from Spain.

Renowned for its wild nature and the beauty of its landscapes, it is a top tourist destination. 1,000 km of coastline formed from beaches, creeks and transparent seabeds, to which it owes its nickname as the "Island of Beauty".

Corsica was the birthplace of Napoleon I, Emperor of France. Visit his house of birth in Ajaccio, a town where the imperial memory still lives through its streets, statues and monuments.

Corsica is easy to travel to. Many European cities fly to the island's 4 airports (Bastia, Calvi, Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio). The island can also be reached by boat from ports in France (Nice, Toulon and Marseilles) and Italy (Genoa, Livorno, Piombino, Portoferraio, Porto Torres, Santa Teresa di Gallura and Savona).