Our actions - Ecotourism and sustainable tourism

Riva Bella Thalasso, located in Corsica, is committed to efforts to develop sustainable tourism in France and thus reduce the ecological footprint of the tourism industry and preserve the site's biodiversity. Riva Bella prioritises clean and renewable energy forms: solar power (solar collectors for bungalows, the campsite's washrooms and passageway lighting, etc.) and geothermal energy leading to 75 % savings in energy consumption.

Respect of natural spaces, preservation of biodiversity

• Dune rehabilitation through planting species of plants native to the region
• Constructions integrated into their environment without earthworks
• Mechanical aeration system for the lagoon to improve the water quality and thus preserve its fauna and flora
• The land is cleared and maintained by hand (with help from the lamas!) through pollution-free, noise-free methods that respect the flora.
• Plants benefit from mulching and micro-irrigation systems to save water
• Maintenance staff travel by electric carts

Energy savings

• Geothermal heat pump
• Solar heating
• Staff at Riva Bella communicate by walkie-talkies
• Riva Bella encourages carpooling. A table on display at Reception collects and centralises carpooling offers and requests between Riva Bella residents
• LED lighting in the Bar-Restaurant, Seawater Spa and washrooms
• A large proportion of the passageways is equipped with solar lighting
• All buildings are fitted with energy-saving light bulbs
• Taps are fitted with flow regulators (without being detrimental to comfort
• The air-conditioning and heating systems are regularly cleaned and maintained to reduce electricity consumption
• Accommodation: the beach bungalows of the holiday complex are equipped with opening systems employing horizontal orientable slats (known as "Jalousies" in the West Indies) for ventilation, lighting and sunlight protection; the Costa Serena bungalows are each equipped with double-glazing; our more recent bungalows, the Paradisu villas are built from cellular concrete, an extraordinary combination of natural raw materials (water, sand, lime) and of millions of air bubbles: an excellent solid, non-deformable and non-flammable insulator.

Our choice of products

• Our kitchen prioritises local produce, much of which is supplied in bulk packaging
• All products used by the Seawater Spa are natural products. Essential oils and cosmetics are made in Corsica; black soap and seaweed, the signature products of our Hammam are 100% natural
• The bedding provided in our accommodation is Bioconfort-certified organic fabric and the linen is 100 % cotton
• Maintenance products benefiting from eco-labels are prioritised on the site
• In the offices, we use recycled paper and comply with ink cartridge collection procedures

Waste management and transformation

• Green waste is ground and composted
• The site benefits from several waste collection points employing waste sorting procedures
• Used batteries and light bulbs are disposed of through appropriate channels
• This also applies for kitchen oil, toxic product packaging and end-of-life equipment